Flight of Fancy podcast: The world's hottest new destinations for food

You know, already, about Italy. You know about the pasta there, and you've dreamed about the pizza. You know about France too, with its pastries and its cheeses. You know about the food of Thailand and Vietnam, you've drooled over the cuisine of Spain.

If you love to travel and you love to eat, then you most definitely know about these foodie hotspots. You've probably been to a few of them, too.

But what's next? Where are the up-and-coming gastronomic hits, the countries with food scenes that are on the cusp of greatness? What are the amazing cuisines that have thus far evaded our attention? Where are the next frontiers for those who travel on their stomach?

On this episode of Flight of Fancy host Ben Groundwater is joined by cook, author and TV personality Adam Liaw and travel writer Rob McFarland to discuss one of life's great pleasures, food, and where to get the good stuff.

The trio are avoiding the age-old favourites and instead focusing on the new stars, the countries and cuisines that you should be checking out if you've already experienced the big hitters. Where should be next on your list? And what should you eat when you get there?

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