Flight of Fancy podcast: What to do when something goes wrong

Something will go wrong on your next holiday. It's guaranteed. 

That's not being a doomsayer – just a realist. Things will always go wrong when you travel. Flights will be late, hotels will be overbooked, things will get lost, children will lose the plot, the weather will suck. One of these things will happen to you. Maybe several of them.

The secret to a successful holiday is knowing how to deal with these inevitabilities. It's being able to roll with the punches, dealing with looming disasters, smiling and keeping your sanity while everything else comes crashing down around you. It's also in the acceptance that no holiday is perfect, and that disasters are just part of the deal.

On this episode of Flight of Fancy, the Traveller.com.au podcast, I chat to fellow travel writers Flip Byrnes and Ute Junker about all of the things that are likely to go wrong on your next holiday, and the best ways to deal with them. We're going to plot all of the typical hiccups and snafus, and come up with ways to make them as easy to sort out as possible. 

They're not going to give you a disaster-free holiday. They're just going to help you deal with the dramas.

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This Flight of Fancy episode is hosted Ben Groundwater, produced by Annie Dang and mixed by Lap Phan.
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