Flight of Fancy Podcast: What lies beneath - the other half of the world

Here's something amazing to think about: you're only getting to see half of the world. If you love to travel, to discover and experience and wonder, and yet you're doing it solely above ground level, then you are only seeing part of what this Earth has to offer.

Because there's a whole other world down there under the sea. Under the surface of the ocean, there is wildlife, there is scenery, this is history, there is wonder.

To explore the underwater world is to open yourself to an infinite number of new travel experiences, to see the Earth in a completely different way, to go where it feels like you probably shouldn't be able, to see things you never thought possible, to feel, just for a few short minutes, what it is like to inhabit a completely foreign universe.

This is travel in the underwater world. It's scuba-diving, free-diving, even snorkelling. These pursuits can seem as if they're kind of niche, as if they require specialist skills and unique determination, but we're here to tell you that that isn't really true.

And on this episode of Flight of Fancy, featuring diving experts Tim Charody and Bella Massey, we're going to show you that with a small amount of effort, anyone can open their travelling world in an instant.

This Flight of Fancy episode is hosted and produced by Ben Groundwater and mixed by Tim Mummery.

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