Flight of Fancy podcast: Which countries are likely to open up to tourists first?

It's going to happen. The world will open once again. Restrictions will ease. Border-crossings will relax. Travellers will be allowed to get back out there and enjoy doing the thing we love best.

Just as the world closed to Australian travellers – one by one, destination after destination struck from the list – so too is it likely to open again over the next 12 or so months. First we'll be able to go to New Zealand. Then perhaps the Pacific Islands. And on it will go.

This poses some exciting questions for cooped-up travellers. Questions such as: where are we going to be able to go next? What are we going to be able to do there? And… Is it really a good idea to visit?

On this week's episode of Flight of Fancy, we're taking out the crystal ball-slash-globe, waving our hands over it and peering inside. Where can we travel to next? Which countries are likely to open to Australian tourists first, and what are the pros and cons of paying them a visit?

Host Ben Groundwater is joined by Ute Junker and Flip Byrnes (coming in via satellite all the way from a tiny village in southern Germany).

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