Flight of Fancy podcast: Why everyone loves Canada

There's an old joke about Canada's favourite sport: I went to a fight, and a game of ice hockey broke out.

That gag actually neatly sums up one of the most brutal, violent team sports on earth. What it doesn't sum up, however, is Canada, and the people who live there.

See, Canadians are nice. They're friendly. They might just be the most polite people you could ever hope to meet. Their homeland, too, is a pleasant, safe country full of spectacular landscapes and easily approachable cities. To travel in this place is to feel immediately at home in an easy-going nation.

And yet, they all love ice hockey.

On this episode of Flight of Fancy, the Traveller.com.au podcast, host Ben Groundwater and his two guests – Traveller editor Anthony Dennis, and writer and adventurer David McGonigal – are heading to Canada, the home of the Canucks, the land of maple leaves, to find out what this fine country is all about.

What are the highs and the lows? What are the must-dos and the things you can probably avoid? And why is such a lovely group of people obsessed with such a brutal game?

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