Breaks with tradition

Best known for its monster swell, Teahupoo is also gateway to the Tahiti of popular imagination, writes Craig Tansley.

  • Contains:
Polynesian adventure ... an aerial view of the island and lagoon at Bora Bora.

Beyond the bungalows

There's much more to do on Bora Bora than laze about and gaze into your beloved's eyes, writes Katrina Lobley.

  • Contains:
Matavera and Muri Lagoon on Raratonga, Cook Islands.

Cheap and full of cheer

Rejoice, oh disorganised work slaves! Bargains still abound for those who don't book their summer holidays a year ahead, discovers Belinda Jackson.

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Groundwater Tahiti

Blokes' own adventure

When every day involves a hunt for your dinner, paradise can be delightfully exhausting, writes Ben Groundwater.

  • Contains:
Aerial of motu in Bora Bora Lagoon.

Sharks, rays and reef

Katrina Lobley finds the fins are friendly and the stingrays can be cuddled on an underwater eco-adventure in French Polynesia.

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