Frequent Flyer: Lindsay Brown

Lindsay Brown, guidebook writer and travel photographer.


The Fairlawn Hotel in Kolkata, India, is an eccentric hotel in an extraordinary city. I took a friend there 20 years after my first visit and I didn't notice any significant changes. I had talked it up and I think he was expecting the Oberoi. It receives a new coat of paint after every monsoon and over the decades these sedimentary deposits are most noticeable on the now solid wicker furniture.


Singapore Airlines, always economy. Great service and Singapore Slings at cocktail hour. Also, Changi Airport has all the necessary connections for south Asia, plus a decent transit hotel at each terminal.


I don't own any resort wear, but on the water it would have to be the Orion expedition ship. A few years ago, I cruised to Macquarie Island and Antarctica, including a visit to Mawson's Hut, and endured five-star luxury for the entire voyage. Last year, my partner, Jenny, took me on the Orion to meet the orang-utans at Camp Leakey in Borneo. Wonderful.


The North Face duffel bag. Pretty much indestructible, whether it is at the airport or lashed to the side of a yak.



An old, not-so-smart phone that I can load with a local SIM card. It never fails to amuse me how I can make a call to Australia from a small country such as Bhutan at a fraction of the cost of a call the other way.


In August, I will accompany a small group trekking and riding to Mustang in north-west Nepal. Mustang is culturally Tibetan - a corner of "free Tibet" in the rain shadow of the Himalayas - and the trek will culminate with an amazing concert by Tenzin Choegyal. See australianhimalayan