Frequent Flyer: Marouane Rouicheq

Marouane Rouicheq, owner of Argania Cosmetics, whose key ingredient is argan oil from south-west Morocco.


Helnan Phoenix Hotel in Aalborg, Denmark, is an elegant 18th-century building within walking distance of all facilities, shops, dining and entertainment. There's free Wi-Fi and a fitness centre. The NH Frankfurt City Hotel is well located in the Old Town, close to Konstablerwache, Museum of Modern Art, and Zeil Gallery Shopping District and Frankfurt Cathedral. The service is excellent and there are great room amenities including hypo-allergenic bedding.


I've flown almost exclusively with Emirates for the past seven years and have never been disappointed by their service. During one flight a few years ago from Singapore to Paris, a man in his mid-40s sitting in the seat in front of me took a little black box out of the luggage compartment. I could see the couple next to him looking concerned. He opened the box and put a mask on his face and the couple stood up and started running towards the cabin crew. The crew discovered the mask was for the passenger's sleep apnoea.


Maya Ubud resort and spa in Indonesia. It's such a beautiful location and the service is excellent. It's ideal for people seeking a quiet and natural environment.


I do not like too much luggage on my travels, especially when my itinerary includes multiple trips and stops. My laptop, printed files, phones and chargers are a must so I can work on the go. My toiletries are Argania products only.


My laptop is a constant companion on all my trips and I always take a French book with me as it keeps me in touch with the literature that I love.

Jane Reddy