Frequent Flyer: Michael Kirby

Michael Kirby Retired High Court judge, now investigating human rights abuses in North Korea for the UN.


Schlosshotel in Cecilienhof, Potsdam, Germany, is an extravagant delight built by the last kaiser for the daughter of his crown prince. The hotel adjoins the section of the palace used by the Allies in 1945 to divide conquered Germany. Dinner with my partner, Johan, on the terrace was exquisite. In the lobby, there's a photo of the Queen on a state visit to Germany inspecting the empire her relatives lost. I could guess what she was thinking: the apolitical Windsors still occupy their palaces. It is a joy for the plebs to sit where Kaiser Bill sat, and later where Stalin, Churchill and Truman carved up the world.


Good old Qantas. Safety before schedule. Discreet service: friendly but not familiar. I just like the sound of those serious pilots upfront, including the increasing number of women pilots. Twenty years ago, I upheld a court claim by senior female flight managers, retrenched on account of their age. They have invited me to their reunions. They fought and won and are still feisty.


Kon Tiki Resort on Pampelonne beach near Saint Tropez, France. When we first went there in 1970, it was a caravan park with a glorious beach. They squeezed our Kombi van into the downmarket space. Europeans don't rough things so much now. Kon Tiki has had a makeover.


A simple roller and a suit pack most of the time. No need for tiaras. This way I never get caught by misdelivered luggage.


Enough melatonin tablets, which result in refreshing sleep. Occasional sexual dreams are a reported byproduct of taking melatonin. But who's complaining? Dream on.