Frequent flyer: Rod Cuthbert

Rod Cuthbert, chief executive of and founder of


The Grand Chancellor Hotel, Hobart; it's not the world's greatest hotel and it might even be a little dated, but there's no beating its waterfront location. I'm originally from Hobart and return fairly often; now one of my old school mates has a charter yacht moored in front of the hotel, and I like nothing better than sitting on the back of his boat with some Tassie wine and cheese . . . we don't even leave the dock.


Qantas. I've always liked our flag carrier, even if you get the sense that their best days are behind them. Nowadays you end up on low-cost carriers more often and it's hard to love that experience; when that happens I take a valium and dream about being on QF1.


I can't remember the last resort I stayed at. I guess it was a long time ago, before Airbnb and Stayz opened up that whole world of other people's houses. If I'm going to stay in one place for 10 or 12 days I would rather it be a cool house or apartment than a resort.


I have a bright red Kipling rollie-backpack that has been everywhere with me. My partner hates it - too nerdy, apparently, but it never lets me down.



I get ideas of all sorts when I fly, something about being in the clouds, so I need a notepad and pencil at the ready. I'd be very frustrated if I couldn't make notes at 40,000 feet.


I haven't been back to Byron Bay in a few years and I can't wait to go. I've often thought I should retire there, but maybe I should check it out again beforehand to make sure nothing in paradise has changed.