Geneva, Switzerland: Best places to eat - Trafalgar CEO Gavin Tollman's picks



Trafalgar, part of family-owned The Travel Corporation, is headed up by South African-born Tollman, who resides in Switzerland's historic lakeside city and loves its gourmet landscape. See


I start my day with a latte from Boreal Cafe, a stone's throw from my office and Lake Geneva. Locally owned, and with five locations in the city, Boreal feels like a home away from home and has some of the best coffee in the city. It's the type of place you could spend all day sipping, reading and relaxing, and sometimes on the weekend I take my two dogs, Snoopy and Clyde, and do exactly that. See


Without question, the chocolate is not to be missed in Geneva, or anywhere in Switzerland for that matter. Visit one of Laderach's stores downtown to see their huge slabs of chocolate which they break off in chunks right there in front of you. Likewise, it would be a crime to visit Geneva (or Switzerland) without trying at least one fondue. It can be hit and miss though, if you don't know where to go. My pick is always the relaxed, fun environment at Cafe du Soleil, a local gem on the outskirts of downtown. Wash it down with some locally-produced Swiss wine. See;


Roberto's in the Old Town is a Geneva institution. Family run for five generations with original decor, it is a great place to watch the Genevois who flock here. I always order grilled Atlantic sole – it is hands down some of the best seafood in the world (and I've tried a lot of it in my time) or if I'm feeling like pasta, I can never go past their pomodoro e basilico. Whatever you choose at Roberto's will never disappoint. See


Domaine de Chateauvieux is a sensory journey in an incredible setting. With vines surrounding you, a jaw-dropping wine cellar, cobblestone walls and two Michelin stars, this is everything my wife and I love about living in Europe, all in one place. Being a pescatarian, I gravitate to seafood, always. Some current favourites include the Breton lobster with sauteed artichokes or a John Dory with carrot and ginger for a flavour hit – ending with a peruse of the cheese cart (it is Switzerland after all). See


Don't miss an after-dinner drink and some live music at the famous Leopard Lounge at Hotel d'Angleterre. With an incredible atmosphere, beautiful decor, impeccable service and people watching in spades, this is the place to experience Geneva by night. Have a glass or two of Bouchard Finlayson's Hannibal (from our family vineyard in South Africa), or choose from our selection of Champagnes, 10 different beers, spirits and over 30 different cocktails. (Hotel d'Angleterre is part of The Red Carnation Collection, owned by The Travel Corporation.) See