Power lines stretch across West Gippsland taking electricity  from the power stations

Moe-Yallourn - Places to See

Major industrial centre famous for its huge coal reserves.
Located 131 km south-east of Melbourne via the Princes Highway and 70 metres above sea level, Moe-Yallourn is a linked pair of towns which are known as a major industrial centre in Gippsland. In spite of there vital role as part of the economic development of the Latrobe Valley the towns are characterised by attractive public parks and gardens.

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Lying north of the town are the power stations of Moe, Yallourn and Traralgon

Mirboo North - Places to See

Mirboo North
Small rural centre in a rich dairy area.
The area around Mirboo North, 153 km south-east of Melbourne via the Princes Highway, was first traversed by explorer, Paul Strzelecki, in 1840. However, it was not until the 1880s that settlers in search of new land moved south into the area. The plentiful forests of mountain ash proved too tempting a natural resource to ignore and logging soon became a staple industry.

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The marina at Metung

Metung - Places to See

Interesting small township on Lake King behind Ninety Mile Beach
Located 314 km from Melbourne and 32 km from Bairnsdale, Metung is a pleasant resort town which attracts people eager to fish and boat on the lakes.

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Shops in the main street of Meeniyan

Meeniyan - Places to See

Meeniyan (including Koonwarra)
Small country town with a number of excellent craft shops
Meeniyan is a small country town located 150 km east of Melbourne and 15 km south-east of Leongatha. It is claimed that the town's name is derived from a local Aboriginal word meaning 'moon behind the trees over the water'. An alternative interpretation says 'maneyanin' was an Aboriginal word meaning 'moon'.

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A red river gum a few kilometres from Marlo on the banks of the Snowy River

Marlo - Places to See

Marlo (including Cape Conran)
Small and attractive town on the Gippsland coast
For a settlement of only a few hundred people, Marlo has produced an inordinate amount of enthusiastic prose and poetry. It seems that every writer who stumbled upon this tiny settlement (which is perched about 90 m above sea level on a headland overlooking the flood plain and estuary of the Snowy River), has been inspired to write about the experience in the most glowing terms.

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The inlet at Mallacoota

Mallacoota - Places to See

Mallacoota (including Gabo Island and Gipsy Point)
Peaceful and attractive coastal holiday settlement
Located 521 km east of Melbourne, Mallacoota (Aboriginal word which either means 'the place of many waters', 'place of meeting' or 'good water') is a typical quiet seaside holiday village which seems to have been purpose-built for families and fishermen. According to the sign on the outskirts of town it is 'Victoria's Best Kept Secret' but, in fairness to the sign, it is a village designed for campers and caravan holiday makers - and, in summer, there doesn't seem to be any secret about the place. Virtually the entire foreshore of the town is given over to campers.

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The Old Foster Post Office now the Museum

Foster - Sleep

Foster (including Fish Creek)
Small and quiet dairying and grazing town in Gippsland
Foster is a dairying and grazing town 169 km south-east of Melbourne on the South Gippsland Highway. It is only about 20 km north of the beautiful Gippsland coastline which includes Shallow Inlet, Corner Inlet, Waratah Bay, Yanakie and Wilsons Promontory.

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Metropolitan Hotel in the main street

Maffra - Places to See

Maffra (including Briagolong)
Substantial service town in West Gippsland.
Maffra is 224 km east of Melbourne via the Princes Highway, and 26 m above sea level. Its first known European visitor was Angus McMillan, who explored the region on behalf of New South Welshman, Lachlan Macalister. Macalister, who was interested in new grazing land for his cattle, established a pastoral run 11 km north of present-day Maffra, at what is now Boisdale. The run was named after a place on one of the Outer Hebrides islands.

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