Trousers Point Tasmania

Ten top Aussie destinations you've never heard of

Just when you thought you'd seen it all, Lee Atkinson shares her discovery of 10 places, from Tasmania to the Torres Strait and well beyond Bourke, that are worth getting back on the road for.

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Visitors feed the dolphins on the beach at Monkey Mia

Monkey Mia - Places to See

Monkey Mia (including Shark Bay, Shell Beach, Hamelin Pool and Eagle Bluff)
Famous region with ancient fossils and friendly dolphins. This should be read in conjunction with Denham.
Located over 800 km north and encompassing the most westerly part of the Australian continental landmass, Shark Bay is one of the country's most important historic sites and most fascinating tourist destinations. Here, in this breathtakingly beautiful region, the visitor comes in contact with the drama of the early Dutch exploration of the Australian coastline, the romance of pearl fishing, the harshness of trying to eke out a living on a land where rainfall was small and unreliable. Equally this is an area of beautiful beaches, excellent fishing (both deep sea and shoreline), of bushwalking and of Western Australia's most famous natural tourist attraction - the friendly dolphins of Monkey Mia.

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Former hotel (now shops), Murchison

Murchison - Places to See

Murchison (including Tatura and Toolamba)
Small rural township on the Goulburn River
Murchison is a small rural town of some 600 people situated on the Goulburn River in the Lower Goulburn Valley Plains. Murchison East is located 145 km north of Melbourne on the Goulburn Valley Highway, between Nagambie and Shepparton. Murchison itself is just to the west, off the highway.

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