Former hotel (now shops), Murchison

Murchison - Places to See

Murchison (including Tatura and Toolamba)
Small rural township on the Goulburn River
Murchison is a small rural town of some 600 people situated on the Goulburn River in the Lower Goulburn Valley Plains. Murchison East is located 145 km north of Melbourne on the Goulburn Valley Highway, between Nagambie and Shepparton. Murchison itself is just to the west, off the highway.

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The remains of Day Dawn near Cue

Cue - Places to See

Fascinating near ghost town which was once a gracious and wealthy gold mining town.
Known as the 'Queen of the Murchison', Cue is located 650 km north east of Perth. At the turn of the century Cue was the centre of the Murchison Goldfields boasting a population of around 10 000, now all that is left is a small settlement (current population is around 300) with some of the most grandiose buildings to be seen anywhere in rural Western Australia.

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View across Ningaloo Reef from Cape Range National Park

Coral Bay - Places to See

Coral Bay (including Ningaloo Marine Park and Point Cloates)
Quiet holiday resort town south of Exmouth
Located 234 km north of Carnarvon, 154 km south of Exmouth and 1131 km north of Perth, Coral Bay is a small holiday resort for people wishing to avoid the more conventional tourist destinations. It is really nothing more than a couple of caravan parks, holiday homes for fishermen, and a few basic facilities to ensure that visitors do not have to make the 143 km journey to Exmouth every time they want a loaf of bread or a tub of ice cream.

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The wide main street of Coolgardie

Coolgardie - Places to See

Fascinating and beautifully maintained major gold mining town
Located 558 km east of Perth and 425 m above sea level, Coolgardie announces to the world that it is a 'ghost town' in spite of the fact that it now has a healthy life as a tourist destination and it has a population of nearly 2000 people.

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Wide main street of Carnarvon

Carnarvon - Places to See

Carnarvon (including Bernier Is., Quobba and Cape Cuvier)
Major township on the Gascoyne coast
Located 904 km north of Perth on the North West Coastal Highway, Carnarvon is a large and thriving town surrounded by banana plantations and set close to some of Western Australia's most beautiful and unusual coastline. It lies 3.3 m above sea level and experiences an annual average rainfall of only 229 mm. The Carnarvon Shire extends from Hamelin Pool in Shark Bay to Exmouth Station in the Pilbara.

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Shell Beach at Denham looking across to Dirk Hartog Island

Cape Inscription - Places to See

Cape Inscription
Historic cape on Dirk Hartog Island
It was the Dutch sailor Henderik Brouwer who, in 1610, discovered that the best route from the Cape of Good Hope to Batavia was via the Roaring Forties. The idea was head east for a few thousand kilometres then turn left. Brouwer achieved the crossing of the Indian Ocean and turned left before reaching Western Australia. Six years later Dirk Hartog sailed too far and landed at Cape Inscription on 26 October 1616. It was here that Hartog left his famous pewter plate inscribed (in Dutch, this is obviously a translation): '1616. On 25th October there arrived here the ship Eendraght of Amsterdam. Supercargo Gilles Miebais of Liege; skipper Dirck Hatichs of Amsterdam. On 27th do. she set sail again for Bantam. Subcargo Jan Stins; upper steersman Pieter Doores of Bil. In the year 1616.' It hardly makes gripping reading but it is firm evidence of the first Europeans landing on mainland Australia.

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Shell Beach looking across Shark Bay

Shark Bay

Shark Bay (including Monkey Mia, Shell Beach, Hamelin Pool and Eagle Bluff)
This should be read in conjunction with the entry on Denham and Monkey Mia.
Located over 800 km north and encompassing the most westerly part of the Australian continental landmass, Shark Bay is one of the country's most important historic sites and most fascinating tourist destinations. Here, in this breathtakingly beautiful region, the visitor comes in contact with the drama of the early Dutch exploration of the Australian coastline, the romance of pearl fishing, the harshness of trying to eke out a living on a land where rainfall was small and unreliable. Equally this is an area of beautiful beaches, excellent fishing (both deep sea and shoreline), of bushwalking and of Western Australia¹s most famous natural tourist attraction - the friendly dolphins of Monkey Mia.

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View from the Broad Arrow Tavern of the water tower

Broad Arrow

Broad Arrow
Gold ghost town north of Kalgoorlie
Located 38 km north of Kalgoorlie and 633 km east of Perth, Broad Arrow is a very typical Goldfields ghost town. It was once a thriving and successful gold mining town it is now a shadow of its former glory. Perhaps its current status is best summed up by the fact that it is part of Kalgoorlie's popular 'Ghost Town Tour'.

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