Greens Pool at William Bay National Park is rimmed by beach and stone.

Cornered by the karris

Curious about right angles, Sian Prior takes a trigonometric journey to forest and ocean in the state's south-west.

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The Old Telegraph Station

Eucla - Places to See

Much photographed ghost remnant of an old Telegraph Station
If there is any resonant image of the difficulty of human habitation on the Nullarbor Plain it has to be the old Telegraph Station at Eucla. Now it is no more than a few old stone walls slowly disappearing under mountainous white sand dunes on the edge of the Great Australian Bight. It is hard to think of any more lonely and isolated image in the whole of Australia.

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The Indian Pacific crossing the Nullarbor far to the north of Madura

Madura - Culture and History

One of the key road stops on the road across the Nullarbor
Madura is located 1255 km from Perth and 529 km from Norseman. Another roadhouse on the seemingly endless drive across the Nullarbor Plain it offers 24 hour fuel, a motel and caravan park, a restaurant and bar, and the luxury of desalinated fresh water.

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