Mount Toolbrunup - the Stirling Ranges near Cranbrook

Cranbrook - Places to See

Cranbrook (including Frankland and the Sterling Ranges National Park)
The Gateway to the Stirling Ranges National Park
Located 318 km south east of Perth, Cranbrook is a tiny, rather inconsequential service centre for the surrounding sheep and cattle country. It is a typical small rural centre with a single pub, some wheat silos and grain loading facilities.

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A solitary tree in the middle of the Nullabor Plain near Cocklebiddy

Cocklebiddy - Places to See

Nullarbor roadhouse in an area noted for its underground caves
Located 1162 km east of Perth and 439 km from Norseman, Cocklebiddy is nothing more than a roadhouse with accommodation, a caravan park, a restaurant and service station. It relies on a desalination plant to provide exhausted travellers with a shower, a cool drink and fresh ice.

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The endless road across the Nullarbor

Caiguna - Sleep

A roadhouse on the Nullarbor Plain
Located 1096 km east of Perth, Caiguna is nothing more than a roadhouse with accommodation (the best on the Nullarbor journey), a caravan park, a restaurant and service station.

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The park beside the Denmark River

Denmark - Places to See

Attractive resort town on the banks of the Denmark River
Denmark is located on the Denmark River 18 m above sea level and 414 km south of Perth. It is a popular and attractive resort noted for its excellent fishing, the diversity of landscape (from rugged coastline to tall timber country) and the quietness of an area which has not been over-developed or commercialised.

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Fishing in Fitzgerald River National Park

Bremer Bay - Eat

Bremer Bay
Sleepy little village which has a reputation as an ideal fishing retreat
Located 496 km south east of Perth and 183 km east of Albany, Bremer Bay is a quiet little village which, in a very minor way, is becoming a holiday resort and fisherman's retreat. Its peerless location on some of the most beautiful coastline in Australia, and its isolation from the more developed seaside resorts, has made it one of those places which people speak about in whispers hoping that the hordes never get to find out about the attractions of this tiny settlement. However it is estimated that the permanent population of about 100 people can increase to up to 3000 in the peak season.

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Katanning Town Hall

Katanning - Places to See

Major wheatbelt service centre
Located 277 km south east of Perth and 311 m above sea level, Katanning is one of the major centres in the Western Australian wheatbelt. The combination of a major railway line and a rich sheep–wheat area surrounding the town have made Katanning an important and thriving centre. It now boasts the largest stockyards in the state outside of Perth.

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Beautiful Stirling Ranges near Borden


Sleepy rural service centre with good access to the Stirling Range National Park
Located 118 km north of Albany and 400 km south of Perth, Borden must surely be the only town in Australia named after a Canadian Prime Minister. It was named after Robert Laird Borden, the Prime Minister of Canada from 1911-1920.

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The main street of Broomehill


Small wheat and sheep service centre
Located 315 km south east of Perth, Broomehill is a small wheat and sheep service town which came into existence as a result of the construction of the Great Southern Railway. There had been some settlement in the area as early as the 1860s but the construction of the railway line through the tiny settlement of Broomehill (it had been named after Sir Frederick Napier Broome, Governor of Western Australia from 1883-1889) in 1889 ensured that Broomehill became the main town in the area.

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