Hahndorf - Places to See

Exploring Hahndorf
Guided Tour of the Town
This tour starts at the bottom of the main street where Ambleside Road joins the main street. It is useful to accompany the tour with a good map. 'A Guide to Historic Hahndorf' is perfectly adequate for the purpose. Only the village's most significant buildings are mentioned here. It is recognised that there are well over 50 buildings of importance in Hahndorf. The best brochure on the town is that titled 'Hahndorf - State Heritage Area' and published by the Department of Environment and Planning in 1989.

Hillstowe Wines
Located on 104 Main Street, Hahndorf this cool climate winery with an historic cellar door in Hahndorf was established in 1980 and specialises in both red and white table wines derived from cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir, merlot, sauvignon blanc, riesling and chardonnay grapes. It is open seven days for tastings and sales. For more details contact (08) 8388 1400.

Thiele's Cottage and Thiele's Flower Shop
Located at 100 and 102 Main Street, these two buildings comprise a simple cottage which was built by Friedrich Thiele and his wife Anna Schmidt. They were the first couple to marry in Hahndorf and, because there was no church at the time, they were married under a gum tree in the main street. Next door is the old Thiele's Flower Shop (now Cherry's Antiques) which remained in the Thiele family from 1839-1991.

The Old Mill
Located at 98 Main Street this old flour mill was built in 1853 and operated continuously crushing everything from mill to quartz and bone for fertiliser until 1912 when it closed down. In recent times it has been used as the Old Mill Restaurant which is part of the Old Mill motel.

Detmold House
Located at 85 Main Street this was the residence of the Wittwer family (they ran the mill over the road) and was built in 1861 and called Detmold after the town in Germany where the family originated from.

Haebich's Cottage
Located at 75 Main Street this is a typical example of a half-timber family home, in classic German style, from the early years of the village. The land was purchased by the local blacksmith, George Haebich, in 1850 and the cottage dates from around that time.

Storison Arts and Crafts
Located at 73 Main Street this is the site of the town's first blacksmith's shop. The original building was constructed in the 1850s by George Haebich. His son August took over in 1872 and the present building dates from around 1880.

Pioneer Gardens
Located on Main Street just up from Storisons this garden commemorates the 39 families which settled the area. In recent times it has included the notable addition of a monument to Captain Dirk Hahn.


German Arms Hotel
Located at 69 Main Street this is the centre of the town. An attractive hotel, distinguished by its typically German flower boxes, it was first established on this site in 1861 by the local publican Robert Hunt. It is now a popular destination for tourists wanting to watch other tourists walk up and down the main street.

St Michael's Lutheran Church
Located on the corner of Balhannah Road and Church Street just one block away from the Main Street, St Michael's is the oldest Lutheran Church in Australia dating to 1858 and dedicated on 3 July, 1859. In fact the first church in the town, built of pug and consecrated in 1840, operated on this site. It is one of two Lutheran churches in town and indication that there were doctrinal disagreements between the residents.

Hahndorf Academy
Back to the Main Street and located at 68 Main Street is the Hahndorf Academy, a rather dour building which was completed in 1883. It was here that T.W. Boehm opened a private primary school in 1857. He added a secondary school in 1871. It was restored in the 1960s and now operates as an art gallery. For more information contact (08) 8388 7250.

Hahndorf Inn
Located at 35 Main Street this was originally the Union Hotel which was built in 1863 by Benjamin Gray. It has been operating as the Hahndorf Inn since 1972.

St Pauls Lutheran Church
Located at the southern end of the main street this church was constructed at the end of the 1880s and opened in 1886 for a congregation which had previously worshipped in the Hahndorf College.

In the District

Hans Heysen's House and Studio
'The Cedars', the delightful home of the famous Australian landscape and still life painter, Hans Heysen is definitely worth a visit. It is easy to find being located in Heysen Road which is off Ambleside Road. There was a time, now fast disappearing, when no Australian middle class home was without its reproduction of a Heysen gum trees painting with a name like 'Droving into the Light' or 'The Roadside Gum'. Regardless of your feelings about the man and his art a visit to the home is full of wonders. Heysen's studio, complete with very familiar gum trees across the paddocks, is virtually untouched. The house, still owned by the family, is in pristine condition and the art on display is much more diverse than the man's ubiquitous gum trees would suggest. It is open every day except Saturday and there are regular tours of the house and the studio. Contact (08) 8388 7277 for times and details.

Beerenberg Strawberry Farm
Located on Auricht Road south of Hahndorf this is on one level a tourist attraction where visitors can buy strawberries and their by-products. On another level, although it is now a modern complex, it is part of the historic Paech farming settlement which was established in this area as early as 1839. In recent times the jams from the farm have become so popular they are common in many upmarket hotels around the country.