Tripologist: Island hop

I have a conference in July on Hamilton Island and would like to fly the family up for a holiday nearby.

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Life aquatic ... Daydream Island hosts free water sports.

Islands in the sun

There's something for everyone in the Whitsundays, writes Mark Chipperfield.

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Hamilton Island Golf Course.

Greens on blue

Courage is required to tackle the tricky but beautiful course on Dent Island, writes Mark Chipperfield.

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Float your boat ... a glass-bottom semi-submersible (foreground) and the Fantasea Reefworld pontoon.

Sleep on a bed of coral

Erik Jensen experiences the Great Barrier Reef by day and night aboard a fully-provisioned pontoon.

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Ben Shewry at Great Barrier Feast food and wine festival, Qualia.

Spuds and diamonds

In a celebrated place where celebrities come to play, Sarah Maguire watches a potato steal the spotlight.

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