Hawaiian Airlines flight from Auckland to Honolulu departs in 2018, lands in 2017

If you're a big fan of celebrating New Year's Eve, several airlines seemed to offer their passengers time-travelling capabilities, allowing them to see in the new year twice.

Passengers on Hawaiian Airlines flight HA446 were treated to this double celebration when their flight was delayed 10 minutes on New Year's Eve.

The delay caused the flight leaving Auckland to travel back in time to 2017.

The plane was due to depart Auckland at 11.55pm on New Year's Eve and scheduled to arrive in Honolulu, Hawaii at 9.45 am the same day.

However, the delay meant that the plane left at 12.05 am on the first morning of 2018, and arrived 23 hours later (with time difference)in Hawaii at 10.16am on New Year's Eve.

A US journalist pointed out the anomaly Twitter.

Another flight from Auckland bound for Papeete in French Polynesia also time-travelled its way back to New Year's Eve.

Air New Zealand's NZ40 took off at 10.25am on January 1, 2018 and arrived at 4.25pm New Year's Eve 2017.


A further six planes departed Taiwan in 2018 and arrived in the US and Canada in 2017.

Flightradar24 tracked the six flights from Taipai, which crossed the international date line to apparently land safely in the past, allowing passengers to celebrate New Year's Eve all over again.

Whether or not the passengers re-lived their New Year's Day hangover has not been determined.

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