Hawks Nest - Fast Facts

Hawks Nest
Quiet and sleepy holiday destination on the northern shore of Port Stephens
The tranquil and rather beautiful township of Hawks Nest, with both ocean and river frontage, is located at the northern head of Port Stephens 222 km north of Sydney via the Pacific Highway, 79 km north-east of Newcastle, 12 km off the Pacific Highway and 16 m above sea-level. With a population of 1100 people it is separated from its sister town, Tea Gardens, by the mouth of the Myall River, which runs from the Myall Lakes down to Port Stephens, and joined to it by the 'Singing Bridge', named for its tendency to act like a wind harp in a strong south-westerly breeze. The eastern rim of Hawks Nest faces the ocean, its beaches spanning northwards into the forests and lagoons of nearby Myall Lakes National Park.

The local economy has traditionally revolved around seafood and timber. While there is still a fishing co-op, and woodchip mills still work the forests, BHP's sandmining operations are probably the principal source of local income if not the predominant employer. Tourism no doubt plays a role of some importance too.

Hawks Nest Real Estate
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