The Big Ned Kelly at Glenrowan

Glenrowan - Places to See

Small town made famous by its association with Ned Kelly
Glenrowan is a small town of some 210 people located 220 km north-west of Melbourne. It is situated just off the Hume Freeway, between Benalla and Wangaratta, and at an elevation of 220 metres. Despite its diminutive size this settlement's name would be familiar to many Australians, even if they couldn't quite recollect why. To jog the memory, just utter the words 'Ned Kelly' as it was here that the 'career' of the man who is arguably Australia's most famous bushranger came to an end. Not surprisingly Ned looms large over the town: literally so, in the form of a six-metre statue in the main street. This inextricable connection of town and legend has been exploited as the centrepiece of local tourism.

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Euroa Post Office

Euroa - Places to See

A town made famous by its associations with Ned Kelly
Euroa is a country town of some 2700 people located adjacent Seven Creeks 147 km north-east of Melbourne via the Hume Freeway, between Seymour and Benalla. It is situated at an elevation of 175 m at the foot of the Strathbogie Ranges with Balmattum Hill adjoining the town boundary. The district has long been noted for its fine-wool production, although its name is probably more familiar in relation to Australia's most famous bushranger Ned Kelly.

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Eldorado Dredge

Eldorado - Places to See

Old gold mining town now a small service centre
Eldorado is located 254 km north east of Melbourne and 20 km from Wangaratta and 22 km from Beechworth. Located on the banks of the Reedy Creek. Although it would seem likely that its name (Spanish meaning 'the golden one' and usually associated with vast wealth) from the imagined riches which were waiting for the gold miners who poured into the area, in reality the name was given to the first European property in the area and was an expression of the confidence of the owner, a drover named William Baker, who saw the green pastures and believed that here was his Eldorado.

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View down the main street in Chiltern

Chiltern - Culture and History

Fascinating small historic town
Chiltern is a country town of some 1400 people which is distinguished by its historic streetscape of well-preserved brick buildings and old-fashioned timber verandahs. This antique appearance has drawn filmmakers on several occasions - most notably for the filming of Walt Disney's Ride a Wild Pony in 1974. It is located amidst an agricultural landscape 500 metres off the Hume Freeway and 270 km north-east of Melbourne, between Wangaratta and Wodonga.

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The Victorian Alps near Mount Hotham

Harrietville - Places to See

Small town with access to the Mt Hotham ski fields and a number of excellent bushwalking tracks
Located 332 km north-east of Melbourne, Harrietville is a former goldmining town, which was reputedly named Harriet's Vale after the first white baby to visit the area. Settled in 1852 by goldminers it became a resting place for those en route to the Omeo, Dargo and Glen Wills goldfields. Reef mining commenced in the area in 1861 as alluvial gold became scarce. At one point 348 reefs were officially registered.

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The beautiful countryside around Mitta Mitta

Mitta Mitta - Places to See

Mitta Mitta (and Dartmouth)
Tiny township on the Omeo Highway.
Mitta Mitta is located on the Omeo Highway, one of the state's most scenic thoroughfares. The shortest route from Melbourne (380 km) is via Wodonga and Kiewa.

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