Hilton's 'Graffiti Loft' brings Melbourne's laneways to your hotel room

We've got airstreams on rooftops and hamburgers served from elevated train carriages. While our hipster cafes have reached saturation point and are starting to take themselves offshore, others experiment with cheese dungeons, matcha bars and serotonin cafes.

But have we finally reached peak hipster with this latest hotel offering?

A hop, skip and a jump away from Hosier Lane, DoubleTree Hilton has given a loft the Melbourne laneway treatment by covering its walls in graffiti. The room has prime views over Flinders Street Station, and guests will be able to "immerse themselves in Melbourne's creative arts scene" minus, hopefully, the hordes of Instagrammers that line the streets daily and the never-ending queues for fried chicken.

Still, it could be worse; Seattle's big tourist attraction is a wall covered in gum.

Hilton has collaborated with local street artists 90 Degrees who created original artwork for the "graffiti loft" which includes tagged furniture and graffitied bed linen.

Guests will also be able to munch on "specially designed eatable (sic) graffiti snacks" while watching specially provided movies on street art. We hope the food hasn't been salvaged from the graffitied bins on Rutledge Lane by freegans, because that would be taking things too far.

Your bedside table will be a couple of milk crates (if you're lucky, that may or may not be decorated by a couple of empty bottles of homebrew courtesy of last night's band at Cherry Bar), and there's tagged beanbags on the floor.

"90 Degrees has brought the celebrated Melbourne laneway scene into the room. Our guests are able to relish in this vibrant side of Melbourne's culture, from morning to night," said Garry Lucas, general manager of DoubleTree by Hilton Melbourne – Flinders Street.

Of course, guests will be encouraged to share their experience on social media, with special hashtags created for the one room, limited experience.


You can book the Graffiti Loft between the July 8 through until August 13 for $259 per night.


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