Glebe House, a typical gracious and historic home in Kempton

Kempton - Places to See

Charming historic township north of Hobart
A small and charming colonial settlement which is registered as a classified historic town, Kempton is located 49 km north of Hobart just off the Midland Highway.

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The narrow nick of land between the Forestier and Tasman Peninsulas known as Eaglehawk Neck

Eaglehawk Neck - Places to See

Eaglehawk Neck
Narrow isthmus of land near some of Tasmania's most dramatic coastline.
'At Eaglehawk Neck there were constant patrols day and night. Dogs were kept on platforms near the main beach to alert the sentinels who, with semaphores, were stationed along the peninsula, and eleven dogs were chained at the narrowest section to form a barrier.

  • Contains:
The Anglican Church of St John the Baptist

Ouse - Places to See

Quaint and unusual township north of Hobart
Located 88 km northwest of Hobart is the rather quaint little town of Ouse. Like so many of the towns on the Derwent River it was explored soon after the establishment of the settlement at Hobart Town. However settlers did not move into the area until the 1820s.

  • Contains:
The Big Wool Bales

Hamilton - Places to See

Substantial rural centre between the Grampians and the Great Ocean Road
Hamilton is located on a volcanic basalt plain 291 km west of Melbourne via the Western and Glenelg Highways and 187 m above sea-level. It is located within a broad and deep valley formed by Grange Burn. This creek, a tributary of the Wannon River, winds its way through this provincial centre to Lake Hamilton in the north-eastern corner of town.

  • Contains:
Callington Mill

Oatlands - Places to See

Oatlands (including Parattah)
Finest collection of Georgian houses in Australia
The historic and beautiful township of Oatlands is located 79 km north of Hobart and 115 km south of Launceston on the Midlands Highway.

  • Contains:
The Huon Hotel

Cygnet - Places to See

Attractive alternative lifestyle town set in an area of great peace and beauty.
Located 56 km south of Hobart, Cygnet is one of the major centres (they are all rather small) in the Huon Valley area. Once an important apple growing town in recent times it has become the centre of an alternative lifestyle community which have established woodturning, wholefoods shops, craft activities, vintage car restoring and holiday cottage accommodation as important local industries. It should, however, be noted that the farmers in the area still rely on dairy cattle, apple orchards, mixed farming and sawmilling for their economic livelihood.

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The banks of the Huon River at Huonville

Huonville - Places to See

Huonville (including Ranelagh)
Small town on the Huon River surrounded by fields of apples and hops
Located on the Huon River 39 km southwest of Hobart, Huonville is a small but thriving community serving the surrounding apple, timber and hops industries. Although it is relatively small Huonville is recognised as the major centre in the Huon Valley.

  • Contains:
The thermal pool near Hastings Cave

Hastings - Places to See

Hastings (including the Hastings Caves)
Interesting caves, forests and thermal pools on the edge of the southern forests.
Located 104 km south of Hobart on the Huon Highway, Hastings is a tiny inconsequential little settlement which happens to be close to the Hastings Cave group, the major attraction in the south east corner of the island.

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