The Chimneys

Colebrook - Places to See

A quiet little farming settlement which was developed by convict labour
Located 54 km from Hobart and positioned between the historic towns of Richmond (to the south) and Oatlands and Ross (to the north), Colebrook is a quiet little farming settlement which was developed by convict labour as the site of a convict probation station.

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Poplars near Westaway south of Hamilton

Hamilton - Places to See

Unspoilt and charming nineteenth century village
Located 74 km northwest of Hobart on the Lyell Highway, Hamilton is a typical Tasmanian Historic Town combining a setting which dates to the early nineteenth century with a range of historic accommodation. Like Oatlands and Ross it is relatively unspoilt and still sufficiently removed from the over-commercialisation of places like Richmond, to offer the visitor an opportunity to experience what the villages of southern Tasmania were like in the 1830s and 1840s.

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Cattle graze below the Western Tiers near Chudleigh

Chudleigh - Places to See

Tiny village west of Launceston
Chudleigh is a tiny village located 64 km west of Launceston between Deloraine and Mole Creek. It was named after a village of the same name in Devonshire, England.

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Cambridge from across Barilla Rivulet

Cambridge - Sleep

Attractive commuter township which is the centre of Hobart's scenic flights
Located 14 km east of Hobart on the Arthur Highway, Cambridge is now part of Greater Hobart. It was the home of Hobart's original airport and the Cambridge Aerodrome is now the major point of embarkation for scenic flights around Hobart, the Tasman Peninsula, Maria Island and the South West Wilderness region.

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The crayfishing boats at the jetty

Nubeena - Places to See

Sleepy and attractive holiday and fishing village
Located 113 km southeast of Hobart and 12 km from Port Arthur, Nubeena is a sleepy little holiday and fishing village which looks like any one of a thousand sleepy little holiday villages in Australia. It is characterised by a sense of temporariness, a lazy ribbon development along the road leading to the shore and along the shore itself, and it is notable for the fact that it seems to have little or no shopping centre. In spite of its smallness it is the administrative centre for the Tasman Municipality and is reputedly the largest township on the Peninsula.

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New Norfolk - Places to See

New Norfolk (including Plenty)
Fascinating historic town full of interesting and unusual attractions
New Norfolk and Plenty are genuinely fascinating. The richness and variety of their historic buildings, the superb Salmon Ponds, the old Oast Houses and the gentle undulations of the countryside on either side of the Derwent River make this one of the most attractive areas in the whole of southern Tasmania. Mercifully the town has not been over-developed and it is still possible for visitors to wander through the old Oast House, visit the historic asylum, walk along the banks of the river, or inspect the beautiful stained glass windows in Tasmania's oldest church, The Anglican Church of St Matthew.

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A lake near Miena

Miena - Fast Facts

Small fishing village on the shores of Great Lake
Located 132 km northwest of Hobart and 114 km southwest of Launceston, Miena is basically a small fishing village on the southern shores of Great Lake. Great Lake, which is 22 km long, has the distinction of being the highest lake in Australia and, until the HEC drowned Lake Pedder, it was also the largest freshwater lake in the country.

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The jetty at Franklin just south of Egg Island

Franklin - Places to See

Small town on the Huon River
Located 47 km southwest of Hobart on the Huon Highway, Franklin is a small town which meanders along the highway. It lies between the Huon River and the hills of the Huon Valley which rise behind the town covered in apple trees.

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