How to have the perfect flight: Skyscanner flight formula

Ignoring for a second the fact that getting to the desired destination is the primary concern for most fliers, the flight booking company Skyscanner wanted to focus instead on what makes a flight enjoyable.

The company asked around 2,000 passengers whether they cared more about their flight being on time or having room in their seat to stretch out, along with other similar questions.

Factors that influenced each passenger's experience - such as the journey time, the amount of legroom available, how punctual the flight was and the time of departure - were then weighted appropriately in order to find the optimum combination.

Their preferences were compiled and analysed by a professor in pure mathematics, who came up with the formula (T + L - 30) P/100.

Does it work? Have a look at the infographic that explains the workings of Dr Eugenia Cheng, of the University of Sheffield, in detail below and let us know by leaving a comment below.

The Telegraph, London