How to look good after a long-haul flight: Flight attendant's top tips


Melburnian Diana Koro has worked as part of an airline cabin crew for six years. Now based in Abu Dhabi, she regularly flies long-haul with Etihad Airways. See


The number one priority before, during and after your flight is to drink plenty of water. I usually opt for lemon-infused water as it keeps you hydrated and helps with digestion. And choose your meals wisely: avoid salty, spicy meals. Instead, stick with fruits, veggies, especially those packed with Vitamin C and greens for magnesium, which helps ease muscle cramps and bloating. Consider packing your own snacks as there may be limited options on board.


If you're anything like me and still like to dress up before the flight, bring comfortable attire for a quick change on board. Remember, the aircraft can feel quite cold, so go for layers of loose clothing such as yoga pants or tights with a loose sweater or cardigan. I finish it off with a cotton scarf, which can make any outfit look chic.


Plan your 24-hour sleep cycle/circadian rhythm to the time zone you will be arriving into. Try to get plenty of rest before and during the flight so you're fresh on arrival. Block out light and aircraft sounds with your own eye shade – try a silk mask, which is gentle on the skin – and ear plugs with relaxing music.


Wear minimal to no make-up. If you must, use water-based or mineral foundations, as they don't clog your pores. I use a very small amount of Clinique's Beyond Perfecting concealer around my eyes and its Moisture Surge oil-free gel for my lips. Pack a hydrating facial spray (I use Mario Badescu face mist with cucumber and green tea) or even some pure rose water, and don't be afraid to use a face mask. Etude House's therapy sheet mask for hydration, collagen boost and brightening costs just $2.50, takes 10-20 minutes and leaves you feeling fresh, moisturised and firm, see


Ladies and gentlemen, don't neglect your hair. Cabin pressurisation drops the humidity in the air from the usual 70 to 80 per cent down to 20 per cent, resulting in dry skin and hair. Give an oil or serum a go, preferably one with argan oil for dry ends, such as Juuce's Botanic Oil serum. The lack of humidity can also cause dry or cracked lips, so I use a matt lipstick with a glossy finish, which is a fast, effective way to hide dry lips and still look glam.

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