How to recreate Titanic movie's 'I'm flying' scene on board a ship

The year 1997 was an eventful one for romantics, budding romantics and anyone who even toyed with the notion of romance. James Cameron's epic Titanic movie was released and millions of women (and men too) cried their hearts out and helped the movie break all box office records.

One of the most memorable scenes from the movie was, of course, the 'I'm flying' scene. You know the one – Kate has her arms stretched out as if she is flying and Leo is holding her, recreating his 'king of the world' moment from earlier in the film. They are soaring and loved up and it feels so real their passion somehow radiates out of the screen.

Whether James Cameron knew it at the time or not, that moment changed cruising forever… perhaps the concept of romance too.

Although it's still not permitted to re-enact this scene on the bow of most cruise ships (as this is generally a crew-only area), a few ships are now allowing guests to recreate that special moment.

In September 2013 P&O added the Titanic moment to the P&OEdge Adventure Park activities line-up (which also includes a flying fox over the pool deck and a funnel climb).

"When we designed P&OEdge we wanted to make the most of the ship's architecture. The Titanic pose is such a well-known one that we really just had to include it," says P&O Cruises VP Hotel Operations Sture Myrmell. 
"It's proved incredibly popular – it's an image which captures the romance and freedom of cruising in one classic pose." 

The experience is available on-board Pacific Jewel and is slated to be rolled out on Pacific Dawn in December. Since the introduction of the activity several proposals have taken place on the bow of the Pacific Jewel - perhaps not too surprising.

Recently there was one couple who were persistently checking time slots for availability. Although staff did not know it at the time, a proposal was in development. The loved-up duo experienced the electric moment together, and a few moments afterwards the boyfriend dropped down on one knee and popped the question. His girlfriend said yes ('flying' moment for sure).

Even though P&O may be the only liner offering a Titanic moment activity that requires pre-booking, on many of Royal Caribbean's ships the bow, which contains a helipad, is actually accessible to guests – and this is, according to the company, not (yet) common knowledge!


Royal Caribbean shared the tip on their blog last year and more and more guests are talking about it online.

"It's an awesome spot. I do it all the time on Liberty, Voyager, and Navigator," wrote XJASPX in response to the blog post.

Although the helipad is open for guests the route to get there isn't always easy… but somehow that makes the experience more alluring. In Titanic the bow was usually free of people and similarly the bow on Royal Caribbean ships is generally a serene spot to hang out.

Special events, such as cocktail functions and private parties, are sometimes hosted on the helipad for select guests (like those staying in certain, high-level suites). The outcome of these often-lavish affairs is usually an intimate medley of elegantly attired people sipping cocktails … which perhaps results in at least one well-dressed couple re-enacting that epic scene.

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