View of the Devils Hole from lookout at Barrington Tops National Park

Gresford - Places to See

Gresford (including Allynbrook, Lostock Dam, Chichester State Forest, Mt Allyn and Barrington Tops National Park)
Small towns on the edge of the beautiful Barrington Tops National Park
Gresford and East Gresford are two small settlements separated by 2 km. They make an obvious base for an exploration of the area to the north where you will find lovely Allynbrook, Lostock Dam, Mt Allyn and the mountainous terrain of Chichester State Forest and Barrington Tops. East Gresford, on the main road to Maitland, is 196 km north of Sydney and 39 km north of Maitland.

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The Bucketts behind Gloucester

Gloucester - Places to See

Quiet rural township on the edge of the Bucketts.
Gloucester, known as the gateway to the Barrington Tops, is a charming country town nestled in a valley under a range of impressive monolith hills called The Bucketts. It is situated on the Gloucester River 96 metres above sea-level and is located 271 km north-east of Sydney on the Bucketts Way which heads northwards off the Pacific Highway 18 km from Raymond Terrace, passing through Stroud and, at Gloucester, veering east to rejoin the highway at Nabiac. To the east of town is the Mograni Range and just to the north of town, the Gloucester, Avon and Barrington Rivers meet. Gloucester has a population of around 2600. It is the principal town of a cattle-raising, dairying and mixed farming district. Local industry includes a large factory which produces milk products, a coal mine, an important cattle market and a nascent tourist

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Bridge across the Karuah river

Karuah - Places to See

Karuah (plus Swan Bay, North Arm Cove, Tahlee and Carrington)
Small town on the banks of the Karuah River
Karuah is a small town on the banks of the Karuah River, 15 m above sea-level. It is 205 km north of Sydney and 51 km north of Newcastle via the Pacific Highway. Occupied by the Worimi Aborigines prior to European settlement the area was initially known as Sawyers Point. Lachlan Macquarie named the river the Clyde. However, the indigenous place-name, thought to mean 'native plum tree', was later adopted for both waterway and township.

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Looking across Murrurundi and the Liverpool Plains from the crossing north of the town

Murrurundi - Places to See

Murrurundi (including Blandford, Timor Caves, Ardglen, Willow Tree)
Small town at the edge of the Liverpool Range west of Sydney
Murrurundi is a small rural town of about 1000 people situated 327 km north of Sydney, 44 km north of Scone and 417 metres above sea-level. It is quite beautifully located by the Pages River at the foot of the Liverpool Ranges. Mountains loom impressively overhead, particularly to the east and west.

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Victoria Hotel, Hinton

Hinton - Places to See

Tiny historic township north of Morpeth
Located just 3 km north-east of Morpeth on the banks of the Hunter River and171 km north of Sydney, 40 km north-west of Newcastle and just 8 km north-east of Maitland, is the tiny village of Hinton which has some genuinely historic buildings though none of any great beauty.

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View across Lake Macquarie looking towards Morisset

Morisset - Places to See

Morisset (including Sunshine, Dora Creek)
Medium-sized town servicing the south-western side of Lake Macquarie
Morisset is located on the south-western side of Lake Macquarie, 112 km north of Sydney via the Newcastle Freeway and 33 m above sea-level. With a population somewhere over 1500 it is the largest town on the south-western side of Lake Macquarie. Essentially a tourist town it also functions as the service centre to Cooranbong and the other small settlements along the Morisset peninsula. West of town are huge tracts of state forest. The electrification of the train line between Sydney and Newcastle, the construction of the F3 Freeway and the completion of the Eraring Power Station in 1984 have all contributed to the growth of the local economy.

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Largs Public School

Largs - Places to See

Tiny historic township north of Morpeth
Located 4.5 km north of Morpeth (172 km north of Sydney, 42 km north-west of Newcastle and just 10 km north-east of Maitland) across the plains, levee banks and raised farmhouses of the Hunter Valley, is the tiny village of Largs.

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