Intrepid Travel to refund ticket price to anyone who sees Al Gore's An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power

Now there is even more incentive to go see Al Gore's follow up documentary to An Inconvenient Truth.

Intrepid Travel has announced it will provide a full refund to Australian cinemagoers who see An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power, which opens in cinemas on Thursday.

It's an interesting move from the Melbourne-based travel company, who paid out thousands of dollars when they made the same offer 10 years ago when the first movie was released.

Intrepid staff were obliged to post almost 1500 hand-written cheques out to people across Australia. Intrepid's co-Founder Darrell Wade said "Our finance team are going to hate me for doing this. Sea level and cinema ticket prices have both risen over the past 10 years."

So why are they doing it?

The environmentally-conscious company are hoping to encourage sceptical Australians to see the film.

According to one study published in Global Environmental Change journal, Australians are among the world's biggest climate change sceptics.

"We are the lucky country. A nation of travellers, yet it appears many Australians have their 'heads in the sand' when it comes to climate change," said Wade.

The first film affected Wade after he realised the impact of global tourism industry was having on the environment, causing him to have "an existential crisis".


He became one of the first Australians to undergo Al Gore's Climate Project training and committed Intrepid to a Carbon Management Plan.

According to Wade, the new film is important as it shows how close the world is to a "renewable energy revolution" while demonstrating people's ability to influence governments and big businesses in order to promote change.

"As a travel company we see the environmental impacts first hand, at home on the Great Barrier Reef and in places like Antarctica.

"We want to preserve these amazing places for future generations and that's why we think it's so important that Aussies see this documentary."

An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power is in cinemas from Thursday 10 August. To get a refund through Intrepid, visit and provide a copy of the movie ticket. Refunds will be issued by Intrepid staff, with money transferred online.

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