Tim Ross at Inverloch with his wife, Michelle.

Places in the heart: Tim Ross

Gippsland boasts some of Victoria's finest seaside towns and is where comedian Tim "Rosso" Ross spent childhood holidays with family and, later, adult breaks with friends.

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Tranquil menu ... surf beaches abound in the Inverloch area.

On gentler shores

Mary O'Brien discovers a coastline of rock-pools, dinosaur digs and bike trails to explore.

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Coastal treasure

Tricia Welsh discovers pirate caves and dinosaur bones on a rugged stretch of beach.

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Inverloch - Fast Facts

Quiet seaside resort which was once an important port.
Inverloch, a Gaelic word meaning 'entrance to a lake', is a popular seaside holiday spot at the mouth of Anderson Inlet, 143 km south-east of Melbourne and 9 m above sea level. Ancient middens discovered in the area are testimony to the seafood diet of the Bunarong Aborigines who once occupied this stretch of the coast. The Bonkoolawools are also thought to have hunted in the region.

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