Iron Baron - Fast Facts

Iron Baron
A modern iron ore company mining town on the Eyre Peninsula
Iron Baron is located 124 km south-west of Port Augusta and 436 km from Adelaide. It is part of a complex of iron ore mining operations lying to the west of Whyalla which includes Iron Knob, Iron Monarch, Iron Princess, Iron Prince, Iron Queen, Iron Chieftain, Iron Knight and Iron Duchess. Let's hope they don't find any more iron deposits in the region because they are fast running out of regal titles for the hills and mines.

Unlike Iron Knob, which lies 31 km to the north, Iron Baron is essentially a modern company mining town. It began in 1933 and went out of operation between 1947 and 1958. The modern township was built by BHP and is owned and serviced by the company.

Iron Baron is now the largest iron ore producer in the area with all the ore being railed from the mines across to the processing works at Whyalla.

There are no tours of the mine (see Iron Knob) and the only facilities for visitors are a general store, a swimming pool, some picnic areas and the licensed Iron Baron Club.

Accommodation and Eating
There is no accommodation available. Meals can be obtained from the Iron Baron Club.