Is it smart to take advantage of the early bird airfares to Europe for 2015?

Early bird ticket buyers take a calculated risk, writes Michael Gebicki.

Qantas, Singapore Airlines and Emirates all have Early Bird fares to Europe on the table and if you're thinking of a European fling in 2015, they're worth considering.

Short of a catastrophe that stops travellers from flying, cheap airfares to Europe will be scarce next year.

The recent decline in the value of our dollar against the US dollar and most other world currencies means that airlines are having to pay more Aussie dollars for fuel, taxes and charges, putting pressure on carriers to lift their fares.

If you decide to put your hand in your pocket now rather than later, bear in mind that fares to London Heathrow aboard all three carriers are about $200 more expensive than flights to Amsterdam, Rome or Paris, a consequence of the higher landing fees charged by the British airport.

Singapore Airlines adds a sweetener in the form of the $1 Singapore Stopover Holiday, which gives Early Bird flyers hotel accommodation, airport-hotel-airport transfers and entry to tourist attractions for $1 per person on a twin-share basis.

The Singapore Airlines Early Bird offer closes on November 17, both Qantas and Emirates Early Bird fares close on November 19, unless sold out earlier.