Oman sailing on Azzura.

Big days out

Among a wealth of short forays in fascinating places, Traveller picks some of its favourites.

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Jobs and training . . . Gaza's first five-star hotel is beside a Hamas training camp and overlooks the Mediterranean.

Five stars and a blockade

The al-Mashtal in Gaza City doesn't have tourists but its existence is a symbol of optimism, writes Harriet Sherwood.

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Tel Aviv, Israel. Beach

A holy bunch of hedonists

Expecting military checkpoints and religious fanaticism, Andrew Taylor instead discovers a land where culture, nightlife and the beach often take precedence over piety and politics.

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Twitchers on the kibbutz

At a desert pit stop for a billion birds, Deborah Stone discovers an eco-village of geodesic domes and recycled art.

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Red Sea Star Hobbit bar composite

Weirdest bars and restaurants

A bar five metres below the Red Sea, a seemingly-transparent urinal that overlooks fellow patrons and a drinking hole staffed entirely by hobbits have made a list of the top 10 weirdest bars and restaurants.

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