J Hotel, Shanghai Tower: World's highest hotel opens in world's second-tallest building

For travellers wanting to sleep in the clouds, J Hotel has unveiled its property in the Shanghai Tower, the tallest skyscraper in China and the second tallest building in the world.

The hotel, on the top floors of the 632-metre tower in the heart of the Lujiazui financial district, enjoys a bird's-eye view across from Hongqiao Airport in the west to the Yangtze River's entrance into the East China Sea. Closer by is the Oriental Pearl Tower and the Bund.

Guests are welcomed through six crystal Roman columns leading to an eight-metre-high shikumen – the stately courtyard gates traditional to Shanghai, and on floor 101, a sky bridge of laminated glass and metal.

The bridge features ballerinas dancing across the sky in delicately threaded metallics handcrafted by French artist Pauline Ohrel whose work,  features across the hotel, alongside works by other international and Chinese artists.

The tower has 165 rooms and 34 suites, all with butler service, including the New Chinese staterooms of white marble bathrooms inlaid with a magnolia embossed wallpaper depicting Yangtze Delta's ancient pavilions, and an emerald glazed tea table embodying traditional Chinese culture.

The hotel's pinnacle room - the Shanghai Suite on floor 98 - has a separate parlour, bedroom, dressing room, study, kitchen and physiotherapy area.

On floor 84, the Reiki spa and fitness centre features a yoga room, 160-metre infinity pool and viewing deck.

Seven restaurants are housed in the hotel including Heavenly Jin on floor 120 featuring modern European, Japanese and fine Chinese cuisines with diners greeted by a 30-metre Silk Road themed Italian mosaic.

While the hotel is at a dizzying height, the Guiness World Record for the world's tallest hotel belongs to Dubai's Gevora Hotel at 356 metres as the title is applied to buildings used wholly as a hotel.


Rooms from 3888RMB ($814) a night.

126 Dong Tai Road, Lujiazui Pudong New District, Shanghai, China

See jhotel-shanghai.com

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