Jennifer Aniston's new Emirates Airline TV advertisement: Actress brings comedy to airline ad

Jennifer Aniston is known as an 'American sweetheart' but the actress has caused a bit of a stir starring role in a new advert for Emirates.

In the video, Aniston is captured wandering around an unspecified US airplane cabin, dressed in a bathrobe and looking for the shower.

When she stumbles across the cabin crew, she is horrified to find there is no shower, or bar on board the plane.

Instead she is offered a bag of peanuts as the cabin crew laugh in her face.

Aniston then wakes from her "nightmare" to find she is flying in the lap of luxury on board an Emirates flight.

She is so enamoured with the flight, she asks the barman if they can fly the plane for a bit longer. 

Aniston is reported to have been paid $US5 million ($A7 million) for signing a contract with the airline in August. 


But despite some love for the advert on Twitter - the clip is seen by others as a brash move by Emirates, and Aniston, who are implying that American airlines are no match for the luxury they offer. 

According to Mashable, Gulf carriers like Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways are looking to expand and cut into the profits of US airlines.

Emirates are keen to win over the US travel market, and seem to be onto a winner with Aniston.

Earlier this year, Etihad Airways has launched a new TV campaign featuring its new flagship Airbus A380 and Australia's very own Nicole Kidman. 

Kidman is featured on the A380 being served drinks in The Lobby, relaxing in the First Apartment and falling into bed in one of the three rooms of the Residence.

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