John Huxley covers his eighth Olympic Games at London 2012. He has also covered Ashes and Kangaroo tours, rugby union and football World Cup competitions. British-born, he moved to Australia in 1986, where he has been a business, sport and Good Weekend magazine editor.

Relaxing times at the Lotus spa.

Princess cruise majestic indeed

Whether it's a soothing massage in the Lotus spa or dining on dining in fine style, you'll find your niche aboard the Majestic Princess.

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Barges at the Dudley Black Country Museum in England allow visitors to explore rock formations, limestone mines, branch ...

A charming tribute to England's living museum

The Black Country is a place like no other; a seemingly unlovable place that gained its name in the mid-19th century for its dirty industries, its coal, its grime, its smoke.

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