Petra ... lanterns make the Treasury building glow

The lights fantastic

Shaney Hudson is awed by the ancient grandeur of Petra by night, but appalled by the crowds.

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Open for business ... Avenue Habib Bourguiba in central Tunis feels safe again for tourists.

Sightseeing in a revolution

What do the upheavals of the Arab Spring mean for visitors? David Blair gives an overview of a rapidly changing region.

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jordan camels 
 camel trekking by sue williams feb 12 

Star trekking

Sue Williams takes a camel ride in the tracks of Lawrence of Arabia.

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Hot spot ... the Temple of Hercules.

Secrets of the Citadel

Gail Simmons explores Amman, one of the Middle East's liveliest, least visited and safest cities.

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a woman in a traditional keffiyeh headscarf;

Nature rises from ruin

Oases in the desert? You bet. Gemma Bowes discovers must-see landscapes between ancient sites.

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