Kayakers lucky to be alive after partial collapse of Spencer Glacier in Alaska

Two adventurous kayakers escaped death when a large glacier collapsed in front of them in Alaska.

Josh Bastyr and Andrew Hooper filmed the moment a large piece of Spencer Glacier collapsed in front of them, sending a giant splash and 3-metre wave in their direction.

"We're lucky to be alive right now," Bastyr said in a video of the collapse shared to his YouTube account Steering South.

In another video of the collapse shared on Home with the Hoopers, Hooper said: "We survived, but that was insane."

The duo embarked on a 2.4 kilometre kayaking trek to the glacier and paddled towards the loud bangs of glaciers collapsing in the distance, which Bastyr said sounded like "gunshots".

"We decided to investigate the noises and came face-to-face with one of nature's most awesome forces," Bastyr wrote on YouTube.

"It was the most intense thing I have ever experienced."

When the glacier began breaking away and falling into the water, Bastyr sounded amazed.


"It's just popping and buckling. Wow," he said in the clip.

Moments before a large piece broke off, Bastyr could be heard saying: "Man, when that whole thing goes..."

The duo were aware they were too close to the glacier and Bastyr said they were "lucky we didn't get hurt".

Hooper added their wives told them not to get so close but said that was "the coolest thing that I've ever done in my life".

The glacier was located in a remote location in Alaska, accessible by train. The duo were on an overnight camping and kayaking trip in the region.


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