Kerry van der Jagt

Kerry van der Jagt is a Sydney-based writer specialising in history, culture and outdoor adventure with a particular interest in wildlife conservation.

Myanmar (Burma), pagodas on Irrawaddy River banks.


Visit before it's changed forever

From 300,000 tourists in 2010 to more than three million last year. Don't put off visiting this transforming nation.

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River cruising allows you to pull up in the heart of a town and step ashore, all from the convenience of your own ...


A French tale of two rivers

Kerry van der Jagt cruises the Rhone and Saone rivers on a journey through Burgundy and Provence to Paris.

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A bear enjoys a dip in a waterway in the Great Bear Rainforest.


Grin and bear it

Wildlife encounters in British Columbia have a spiritual quality.

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The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.


Berlin's wild, wild West

A local guide adds a moving dimension to a tour through Berlin's alternative cultural centre.

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Adnate's Hosier Lane portrait is 23 metres high.


Urban walkabout: Melbourne's Koori culture

Kerry van der Jagt learns there is more to Aboriginal tourism than dancing, didgeridoos and dot painting. My day started with a Diprotodon's tooth, ended with a chargrilled kangaroo sirloin, and turned everything I thought I knew about Aboriginal culture on its head.

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