Kettering - Places to See

Marine Studies Centre
The Commonwealth Government has established a Marine Studies Centre at Woodbridge (it is down on the water near the town jetty) which is specifically designed to cater for school children interested in marine biology and Kettering, with its Marina and its regular ferry service to Bruny Island, is becoming an important tourist mooring and departure point.

Woodbridge Hill
Travellers wanting a short cut across to the Huon Valley can take the C627 and C626 through the mountains behind Woodbridge and Kettering. The C627 passes through the Woodbridge Hill area, a 400 ha park characterised by rainforest vegetation and the presence of the rare Bell Everlasting. Woodbridge Hill, which rises 580 m above sea level, is part of the mountain range which runs between the D'Entrecasteaux Channel and the Huon River.

Oyster Cove Inn
The Oyster Cove Inn, which has views across the Kettering Marina, is one of those strange anomalies. It was originally built by a wealthy Queensland grazier who, presumably, preferred the cool tranquillity of the D'Entrecasteaux Channel to the heat of his own state. For more details check out: