Koo-wee-rup - Places to See

Historical Society Museum
There is an historical society museum in Rossiter Rd which is open on Sundays.

Observation Tower
2 km south-east of town on the highway is an observation tower overlooking the remaining wetlands, the Bunyip River, Westernport and French Island.

Harewood Homestead
Harewood Homestead was built c.1857 by Scotsman William Lyall who purchased the 'Tooradin' estate in 1851. He imported sheep, hares, sambur deer, cattle, shetland ponies and horses, became a respected breeder of livestock and experimented with oyster cultivation.

Harewood was once the social centre of northern Westernport. It is built of handmade bricks with a stuccoed exterior and features a tiled verandah on three sides, decorative ceilings, a gabled central hall and views over Westernport Bay. Interestingly, the columns act as drainage pipes for water that was stored below the ground.

The house retains the original furniture, some of it exceptional. There is a fine collection of family memorabilia, including a library of books with items dating back to the early 18th century, and items of original clothing. Other artefacts relate to the Bunurong tribe who were the original occupants of the area.

The homestead is located on the highway, about 8 km west of Koo-wee-rup, just before the airfield and it is open weekends from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. or by appointment, tel: (03) 5997 1033.

Warrook Cattle Farm
About 5 km east of town on the South Gippsland Highway is Warrook Cattle Farm. This is a working cattle farm which is very professionally organised for tourists. There is a guided tour of the farm, along with hayrides, sheep-shearing demonstrations, a luncheon room and facilities for weddings and conferences. They have tended to specialise in coach tours by Asian visitors but are equally able to cater to a domestic market, tel: (03) 5997 1321.

Bayles Fauna Park
8 km north-east, at Bayles, is Bayles Fauna Park which features a modest array of animals in enclosures, including deer, wombats, emus, kangaroos, wallabies, koalas etc. It is essentially a pleasant picnicking site with free barbecue facilities and a children's playground. The entry fee is minimal (about $1), tel: (03) 5997 7408. This area is also very popular with cyclists due to the flatness of the terrain.

Koo-wee-rup Asparagus Tours
The Koo-wee-rup area is the nation's largest producer of asparagus and groups can go on a guided coach tour of the region, taking in its history and a working asparagus farm where there is a run-through of the farm's operations along with cooking demonstrations and other activities. This service is available by appointment in the asparagus season, September to February, tel: (03) 5997 2202.