Laos. Countryside - Landscape - Old Barn in a Green Field.

Mr Kip's dodgy bike

Novice rider Jamie Lafferty encounters dust, mud and mechanical mishaps on a 450-kilometre motorbike journey.

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What a spectacle!

I may not approve, but I'm not going to preach and tell other cultures how to live.

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Elephant caravan in Laos. Hongsa province, arriving in Ban Thene.

The elephant express

High in his sedan chair, Ewen Bell makes gentle progress through forests and remote villages.

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Woman overlooking Jodhpur from Meherangarh Fort.  India

Ten countries that will change your life

Some holiday destinations are good for just that: holidays. But travel can be a lot more than that. If you’re looking for a country that will change your life, then these are the places to start.

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