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What are the 'must-see' places on the drive from Launceston to Hobart?

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Pastoral care ... the Anglo-Indian architectural style of Quamby Estate, near Launceston.

Spirits of adventure

Caroline Baum eases into a Tasmanian hiking holiday at a country estate with a wild colonial history.

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The bridge across the Mander River

Deloraine - Places to See

Charming and important historic town on the Meander River
Deloraine is a charming, historically interesting and attractive town located on the banks of the Meander River 228 km north of Hobart, 48 km west of Launceston and 253 m above sea level. While not attracting tourists in the same numbers as Ross or Richmond it has been classified by the National Trust as a town of historical significance.

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The path to the Deddinton Chapel

Deddington - Places to See

Tiny village south east of Launceston notable for its impressive chapel
A tiny village located 38 km south east of Launceston, Deddington, and the nearby house 'Patterdale', were named after villages in Oxfordshire and the English Lakes District by the artist, John Glover.

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Steam train in hte park at Perth

Perth - Places to See

Historic town on the plains to the south of Launceston
Although a town of considerable historic interest, Perth,because of its location on the plains below the Great Western Tiers and because of the rather simplistic nature of some of its Georgian buildings, is not as interesting as its historic antecedents would suggest.

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The historic Pier Hotel

George Town - Places to See

George Town (including Bell Bay, York Town, Lefroy and Low Head)
One of Tasmania's most important historic townships
Located 53 km north of Launceston on the East Tamar Highway, George Town is one of the most important historic sites in North eastern Tasmania.

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Brady's Lookout over the Tamar Valley

Exeter - Places to See

Rural service town north of Launceston
Exeter, a typical rural service town, is located 24 km north of Launceston on the West Tamar Highway. Although it is an important town for the local area - it lies at the centre of a large area noted for its orchards, dairy and beef cattle and its sheep herds - it has little of historic interest and is commonly passed through by travellers eager to explore the historically significant Beaconsfield and Beauty Point to the north.

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