Laura - Places to See

Walking tour of Laura
Old Brewery (1874)

This is a prominent local landmark. It was built in 1874 and operated as a brewery for the next twenty years until it was closed in 1894. It became a private residence in 1907.

Court House
The Old Court House, built in 1877, is now part of the local Rocky River Historical & Art Society. It operated as a Court House for 90 years and was only closed down in 1968. It is used for art exhibitions during the Laura Folk Fair.

C.J. Dennis Sculpture
Outside Dick Biles Gallery is a large metal statue of C. J. Dennis designed by Dave Griffiths. It is a fitting tribute to a poet who was born in 1876 and spent his formative years in the town. Dennis remembered his time in Laura with affection. In 1932 he recalled his childhood writing 'In sifting through these memories I can discover nought that could be set down in malice, but a very great deal that gives me constant happiness to recall.'

Beetaloo Reservoir
Located in rugged country only a few kilometres from Laura, the Beetaloo Reservoir was South Australia's first regional reservoir. It was built between 1885-1890 (thus bringing men and work to the area) at a cost of ?700,000 to supply water to Port Pirie, Moonta, Wallaroo and Kadina. Most of the water was required for the mining and smelting works in the Copper Triangle. Beetaloo now provides water for local agriculture and grazing.

Laura Folk Fair
The Laura Folk Fair, a two day folk festival, is held every April and attracts thousands of people to the town. This is much more than a folk festival with food, art and craft stalls, bush dancing, fireworks and music and literary awards. For details contact (08) 8663 2582 or (08) 8663 2221.