Lowline Lab, New York: A look inside New York's first underground park

New York City has followed up the High Line with the Lowline - an underground version of the city's High Line park.

The Lowline is the city's first underground park located below Delancey Street on Manhattan's Lower East Side.

The plan is to turn an abandoned trolley terminal there into a public green space using special technology that pipes in sunlight beneath the street's surface.

The Lowline won't be completed until 2020, but this week the creators opened the Lowline Lab - a demo of the concept and a space for the ideas and technical innovation behind the city's green experiment to be played out.

The Lowline Lab is just over 1200 square feet (111 square metres), which is said to be about 5 per cent the size of the actual Lowline space.

The lab is located at 140 Essex Street in New York's Lower East Side, and will be open till at least March 2016.

Opening the lab through a New York winter will allow the creators to see how the structures and plants will fair over in cold climates and gain a better understanding of how it will evolve over time.

The underground park will feature real flora and fauna and has been described as sort of urban sci-fi fantasy.

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