Mannum - Fast Facts

Town which stretches along the banks of the Murray River.
Located 84 km east of Adelaide and 13 metres above sea level, Mannum is an attractive town on the banks of the Murray River which came into existence with the advent of the paddlesteamer transport industry in the 1850s.

Today Mannum is proud of its history. It is a pleasant holiday town on the Murray River with extensive parks along the river. It caters for a variety of water sports and there is both fishing and bird watching (the birds range from seagulls which have made their way from the coast to pelicans and swans). There is a bird sanctuary next to the caravan park at the eastern end of town.

Mannum Tourist Information Centre
Randall St Arnold Park
Mannum SA 5238
Telephone: (08) 8569 1303
Facsimile: (08) 8569 2383