Max Anderson

Max Anderson has spent 25 years as a wandering writer, editor and author. His first love is words, but travelling has always proved an interesting way to get them.

The cage: A Great White looms.


Get hooked on great white sharks with Rodney Fox

In 1963, Rodney Fox was seized around the chest by a Great White shark. Two years later, he decided he had to know more about his attacker, and entered the waters off South Australia's Eyre Peninsula.

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Only an idiot would miss pelican feeding on Kangaroo Island.

South Australia

Australia's own Galapagos

It's one of the most amazing places on earth to see wildlife. So why would you start with pelicans?

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Trendy cafes and restaurants line the towpath of the Regent's Canal in Shoreditch.

London's new hip East End

Max Anderson samples the stylish, avant-garde traveller experience that now populates the once working-class district.

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