Mile High Club flights in Las Vegas: Love Cloud's novelty flights attract lovers

The Mile High Club. It's been a fantasy for many air passengers but few have ever managed to join - and some who have attempted it have found themselves publicly shamed or fined.

But one enterprising company is encouraging people to book a flight and join the club without fear of being caught.

For those who don't know, "joining the Mile High Club" refers to having sex with someone on an airborne plane ("Mile High" is something of a misnomer, since airline planes typically cruise at about 35,000 feet - more than six miles high).

Love Cloud, an air tour company based in Las Vegas, offers a range of scenic flights on its Cessna 414 planes, including its "Mile High Club" flights starting from $US995.

The base prices gets you 45 minutes on board the plane, with its "custom made romantic interiors including a wireless sound and light system, red satin sheets, sex position pillows and cushions, and a custom made foam mattress". More expensive packages can be bought offering more time in the air, if needed.

As it's a small plane, the pilot is separated from the passengers only with a curtain, but Love Cloud promises the pilot will wear noise cancelling headphones during the flight.

Passengers even receive membership cards and a commemorative certificate.

The man behind the business, 40-year-old pilot Andy Johnson, told The New York Times that among the range of services Love Cloud offers, including romantic dinners onboard and inflight weddings, the Mile High Club package is the most popular service.

"You come with a smile on your face, and you leave with a bigger smile on your face," he said.


Johnson has a chequered past in aviation, according to the Times, including having his pilot's licence suspended and later revoked (he got it back in 2018). He hired other pilots to fly while Love Cloud got off the ground.

"We all make mistakes. That's it, that's life," he told the Times. "What better city to have a second chance than Vegas?"

The company is now planning to expand to Los Angeles and while Love Cloud's website says the flights are available, no dates were listed as available for bookings at the time of writing.

Booking a special flight to get intimate with your partner is a much safer option than trying to get away with it on a commercial flight filled with passengers and cabin crew.

A couple that engaged in sexual acts on board a US domestic flight in 2017 faced potential felony charges from the FBI.

Despite the risks, according to cabin crew it's not uncommon for passengers to try and get away with joining the Mile High Club during flights.

"It actually happens far more frequently than you think," a flight attendant for airline Norwegian revealed in 2017. " I'd say at least once a month someone tries it, with about a 30 per cent success rate. We've even seen total strangers meet on a flight and make a run for the lavatory together."