Moora - Fast Facts

Moora (including Dandaragan)
Substantial wheatbelt service centre.
Located 189 km north of Perth, Moora is a substantial wheatbelt town which depends for its livelihood upon the twin rural activities of sheep and wheat.

The largest town between Geraldton and Perth, Moora has a population of 1400. This gives some indication of the smallness of most of the towns in the area. Although Moora is a pleasant little town its major attractions exist outside the town boundaries - it has spectacular wildflower displays in season and historic Berkshire Valley is a major tourist attraction.

Moora Tourist Information Centre
Shire Of Moora P.O. Box 211
Moora WA 6510
Telephone: (08) 9651 1401
Facsimile: (08) 9651 1722