Most tourist-friendly countries: Spain named world's best country for tourists

Australia has been named the seventh friendliest country for tourists in the world, but it's Spain who takes the top spot for it's 'outstanding attractions'.

According to the biannual World Economic Forum The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2015, Spain has the right elements for a great tourist experience – 'outstanding attractions', 'excellent' culture, entertainment and infrastructure – making it the third most-visited country in the world. 

The country recorded approximately 60.6 million arrivals in 2013; a figure that reflected the surge in foreign tourists from China, Brazil and Mexico, the reports stated.

The Spaniards outranked its European peers France and Germany, who were named the second and third most tourist-friendly countries. 

At No.4 was the US - noted for its culture, entertainment and natural attractions – making it the highest ranking tourist-friendly county in the Americas, receiving a record 74 million international visitors in 2014. 

Right behind the US was the UK. International openness and environmental sustainability secured the fifth spot for the UK, which rounded out the world's top five.

Australia makes it in at No.7 after the happiest country in the world, Switzerland. Unsurprisingly, the happy Swiss people hold the No.6 spot for their 'beautiful mountainous landscapes' and strong infrastructure.

Australia - home to the largest number of World Heritage natural sites – was noted for natural attractions, including the Great Barrier Reef and Kangaroo, along with it leisure and entertainment, air transport infrastructure.

Italy, known for its picturesque towns and good food, was named as the eighth friendliest country for its culture and history. The Italians defeated the Japanese, who came in 9th spot, notably for its world-class transport infrastructure. And rounding off the top 10 is the hockey-loving Canadians.


The report ranked 141 countries according to key factors that influence the travel and tourism sector and contribute to a country's tourism development and competitiveness. Countries were scored across 14 categories, including business environment, culture, safety and health, with the overall ranking determined by an average of scores received.

Europe dominated the rankings with five countries in the top 10 (Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy). Infrastructure, excellent health and hygiene conditions were noted for the continent's strong performance.


1. Spain

2. France

3. Germany

4. USA

5. UK

6. Switzerland

7. Australia

8. Italy 

9. Japan

10. Canada 


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